Linux Embedded Software Engineer

Are you passionate about building rock-solid software that unlocks the potential of data-intensive technologies? We are seeking a talented Linux Embedded Software Engineer to design and implement software of embedded devices and systems from requirements to production and commercial deployment. Your work will have an impact on over a million of users! 


As a Linux Embedded Engineer, you will get to: 

• Design and develop the embedded software platform that powers our IoT projects. This includes linux kernel and device driver development / kernel module development 

• Help deliver key tools and systems that bridge the gap between many domains, including peripheral device control, device drivers, hardware sequencing, safety systems monitoring, and real-time data processing

• Work on high performance driver development and tuning for networking, storage, data movement, and hardware I/O for a variety of advanced wireless communications projects

• Design in an embedded software development environment in C/C++ and Python languages using Yocto and BitBake development tools

• Develop user space applications in C on Linux, specifically linux system calls for file I/O, sockets, multi-threading, IPC and synchronization. 

• Write software unit tests and hardware-in-the-loop tests to verify code correctness and test system-level interactions

• Analyze and enhance efficiency, stability and scalability of system resources  


We are looking for... 

• Good knowledge in embedded software development environments and tools including IDE, editors, compilers, linkers, emulators, debuggers, analysis and monitoring tools 

• Hands on experience in C/C++ embedded application development

• A high degree of comfort with cross-platform application development

• Experience working in Linux, FreeRTOS or other real-time operating systems

• Working knowledge of protocols including USB, CAN, SPI, and UART

• Understanding of cloud connectivity/IOT concepts and applications

• Linux kernel driver or Yocto experience welcome

• A strong background in data structures, algorithms, and software architecture

• Good source level debugging skills 


Aside from the technical qualifications, the desire to learn and play around with new technologies is very important to us, as are strong collaborative and communication skills and a positive attitude.


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