Data Scientist

Our IoT project is collecting data from various devices and over a million of users, generating massive data sets ready to be thrown into a deep learning model you could be developing. That’s right, we are looking for a Data Scientist! You will play a key role in developing and implementing innovative solutions which will help us deliver maximum benefit to our users in the form of improved device functionalities, responsiveness and insights.


As a Data Scientist, you will be...  

• Involved in a broad range of tasks from design and implementation of machine learning and deep learning algorithms, to cloud integration, optimization and benchmarking with an emphasis on accuracy, scale and performance  

• Designing, developing, implementing, and maintaining deep learning algorithms for our next-gen IoT project  

• Developing distributed applications, platform infrastructure, and interface to solve large-scale processing problems  

• Prototyping custom big-data applications using scalable cloud/GPU platforms  

• Working with embedded and cloud-based software engineering teams to scale and operationalize prototyped concepts and to ensure successful implementation and deployment of algorithms  

• Prototyping and build analytics dashboards, presenting information using data visualization techniques/tools (Tablaeu, matplotlib, d3.js, etc.)  

• Applying data mining techniques, doing statistical and algorithm analysis, and building high quality prediction systems integrated with our products.  

• Staying abreast of latest data science developments and determine if/how these can best be incorporated in our designs.  

• Fetching information from various sources and analyzing it for better understanding about how the business performs, and to build AI tools that automate certain processes within the project  


I you have...  

• BS or higher in mathematics, computer science, or similar field.  

• Strong hands-on experience in the development of data science, machine learning and deep learning solutions  

• Deep understanding of mathematical foundations of machine learning algorithms and platforms  

• Expertise in at least one high level programming language like C++, Python, Java or Scala and one of various data science libraries and frameworks (NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, PySpark, SciPy, PySpark, Keras, TensorFlow, etc.)  

• Expertise in at least one statistical modelling tools (R, Matlab or Weka)  

• Proficiency in using query languages such as SQL, Hive, Pig. Knowledge of technologies such as MongoDB, Cassandra, Hadoop, HBase, Spark, Kafka is considered a bonus  

• Familiarity in working with cloud services (AWS, Azure or GCP)  

• Pragmatic, product-oriented approach experience maintaining engineering best practices, including defect tracking, design reviews, and appropriate testing  

• The ability to work cross-functionally with minimal supervision  


Then be sure to apply below. Aside from the mentioned qualifications we also want you to be the type of person who:   

• Has strong project management skills and enjoys taking projects from inception to completion  

• Loves making constant improvements and bringing new ideas  

• Has a positive attitude, works well within a team and takes responsibility for his/ her work  



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