Soonfeed 1@2x
A TV guide tells you when the shows you care about are happening on TV. Wouldn’t you like to know when the moments you care about are happening on the web in realtime? I’m betting many of you would, or will soon enough, since TV as we know it won’t be around much longer.
The New Soonfeed will be a hub for the online moments you care about. A place where you can discover and get alerts to scheduled live streams and radio, live tweets and chats, hangouts and webinars, online launches and sales… any live happening online you wouldn’t want to miss.
Soonfeed project is implemented using following technologies: Ruby on Rails, CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery on top of PotsgreSQL.
Soonfeed 2@2x
"Happenings Online" are real-time web events such as
Soonfeed 3@2x
Soonfeed creators, announce their future happenings so users can discover, discuss and join for and alert as it starts.