Every client we meet or product we do is opportunity
to employ our curiosity for latest technologies,
to flex our analytical minds and to stretch our creative side.

It is how we continue to grow and achieve to deliver
great software and service.

Our core values

Be commited
Endurance and commitment to see things through makes success possible and create environment where delivering great product and services is the norm.
Take ownership
We care about our customers the same way we care about our company. For every product we do or service we give, we invest all our talent completely without any holding back.
Work together
Being independent, working hard and doing it the smart way is appreciated, but building a great company requires us to shed off our egos and embrace team spirit.
Harness the talent
Having right people in right roles, listening and giving opportunity to grow, creating environment where ideas are welcome results in high performance and drive that produce well-thought solutions and quality product.
Give back
Fostering positive social changes in our community shows dedication and selflessness to inspire, move and give back so others might follow and do the same.
Stay active
Only happy company can produce great results over and over again. Balancing work and healthy lifestyle is key for happy and motivated employees. Taking a break, having some fun, eating right and staying active makes long and lasting impact.

How we do it

Klika is agile, scrum-driven team with experience in numerous projects. We formalize our clients' visions into fully working products.

Our initial
with you
enables us to
documentation and
a workshop for
your idea.
We'll set up
a 1-3 day
workshop to
transfer knowledge
and define a
solution for
your vision.
Together we'll
define the
scope of the
product and
create the
basis for
a project plan.
We design a user
experience for
your product
that's functional,
intuitive and
Throughout the
process we use
Agile Development
to ensure your
criteria are
continuously met.
We take care
of product
maintenance and